About QIC

About Us

Quality Improvement Clinic is a healthcare consultancy company located in Hampshire. We believe in Better Me, Better Service, Better Care. We are here to help people working in healthcare improve themselves, the services they provide and the care they give to their patients. QIC exist to help you recognise that as a healthcare individual, you have unique small spheres of influence that have potential for real, measurable change. We coach healthcare professionals to identify projects, test ideas, that may be solutions and then implement positive change. We enable you become a Lifelong Improver.

QIC value you, whatever your role in caring for patients. We use Quality Improvement tools and techniques to enable you to identify problems, engage stakeholders, measure improvement or think creatively about change that will make a difference. We provide the advice you need to select the best tools for improvement and use them well. We provide and signpost to the best learning we can find.

QIC believe strongly that Quality Improvement is grounded in learning theory and we can guide you in leadership for improvement, skills coaching, QI tools and techniques, co-production and networked learning. We make connections for you.

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Gaining new knowledge is exciting but making it work in practice can be more of a challenge. We focus on building your confidence, tapping into your own organisation’s learning network. We coach you as individuals or groups to suit the challenge you are working on. We help you celebrate as you grow, with recognititon through posters and published work. See how we have helped Carl by reading Carl’s story.

Expert Knowledge

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We are topic experts in Quality Improvement and are passionate about sharing our collective knowledge. Whilst we maintain client confidentiality we encourage the sharing of expertise and ideas across the health and care communities. Our QI knowledge has been acquired over time and we are continually learning more! As we evolve and gain more insights into improvement, we share this with our clients, so that they too can develop a deeper understanding of QI.

Resources and Learning Products


We innovate and develop our own learning products to support our teaching and provide free resources which can be downloaded form our website under our Creative Commons License.

Products and services from our ‘QIC Teaching Mastery’ range can be purchased via our website. These are designed for clients who are interested in developing Mastery as a Quality Improvement facilitator and trainer.

Learning Programmes

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Through QIClearn we help individuals, teams and organisations transform the way they deliver quality improvement by:

  • Developing innovative digital learning that meets the practical challenges of healthcare improvement in the 21st Century
  • Hosting an exciting series of in-person QIClearn™ events throughout the year
  • Working in partnership with organisations to design bespoke learning programmes (digital, blended or in-person) tailored to their needs, context and audience

In everything we do, we combine expertise in quality improvement for healthcare with a deep understanding of digital technologies and innovative learning design, leaving our clients equipped to provide a better service and better care for their patients.

Tools and Techniques

Quality Improvement models offer a more robust approach to achieve the changes you seek. We show you the tools and techniques that are within your reach and help you build confidence in their use as you become a ‘Better Me’; this way you develop a repertoire that has relevance to your practice and at a pace that suits you on your journey to being a Lifelong Improver.


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QIC help you to identity and involve your stakeholders (including patients and the local community) in the design and delivery of an improvement project. Coproduction is also about influencing process and systems. We support you to navigate these areas of your service for maximum impact.