Human Factors Exchange

In 2014 the Quality Improvement Clinic Ltd was commissioned to work on the Safe and Compassionate care Underpinned by Human Factors project in partnership with Health Education East Midlands. The project brief was to develop a model for a “centre of excellence” to host human factors expertise for the enhancement of patient safety, innovation and improvement education for learners in the East Midlands.

Using the model of improvement as its underpinning methodology and harnessing the power of coproduction, the project brought together local, regional and national human factors and improvement experts for a researched and purposefully designed Accelerated Learning Event.

“An event of this kind is planned to stimulate creativity, harvest ideas across diverse stakeholders and focus thinking towards collaborative output”

Nicola Davey, Director of the Quality Improvement Clinic

And that’s exactly what it did! The outputs from the event included a “blueprint” for a “virtual enabler” to harness human factors and quality improvement resources. Participants reviewed all ideas generated during the day and voted on those that they felt were the strongest. These are presented below as the star ideas. They also indicated the early milestones anticipated in the first 18 months of an ‘enabler’ being created.

The diagram to the right, generated by Impact Innovation, captures the contribution of over 50 people.

“I am delighted that this has generated new relationships and provided the foundations for the Human Factors Exchange. This has already resulted in a number of new collaborations which are driving through useful pieces of work that have human factors principles at their core. The approach we used has generated created the conditions for change and offers opportunities to explore ways of having greater impact on reducing patient harm and increasing staff and learner satisfaction. ”

Nicola Davey, Director of the Quality Improvement Clinic