QI coaches develop your ‘learning muscles’

quality improvement clinic post - QI coaches develop your ‘learning muscles’Some of you will have heard me speak of Bill Lucas and Hadjer Nacer’s work on developing the QI habit. And an increasing number of you will be working in organisations that are waking up to the benefits of using robust methods to inform and guide change.

You may even be a QI coach yourself, or training to become one. But when does your interest in QI flip from being a hobby to becoming a habit?

It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. From my early days of learning about QI myself, to the learning I continue to acquire through teaching and coaching others I am seeing that it isn’t something that just comes with attending a QI course.

QI is an active, doing ‘thing’. It develops through the acquisition of knowledge and the practice of skills. The curious learner does this most effectively through ‘guided doing’ – something we do a lot of at QIClearn™.

quality improvement clinic post image‘Guided doing’ has at its core, the QI principle of valuing time. This means spending small amounts of time learning to use a few simple tools and techniques and applying them to small aspects of practice to learn how to fix small problems.

  • using them again and again, reflecting on your learning each time to gain a deeper understanding if how, why and when they work.
  • growing your confidence in their use, until they become part of your everyday practice.

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Dionne, Liz (Manager), Susan, Wendy

Like an athlete, developing muscle memory to react more quickly, fire more muscle fibres, and leap even higher, in QI we develop our ‘learning muscle’ until its etched in our memory. At QIClearn™ we work alongside learners to help them develop and grow their learning muscles, and we work with their managers too, to ensure this aligns to priorities for action.


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Wendy, Nikki (coach), Dionne, Susan


We see QI learning about QI accelerated amongst those we coach. As we do this they are able to gain more traction within their organisation and, as a result, we see their impact rippling out to others in their teams and their organisation.

Is it time to exercise your learning muscles?