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PDSA – Injecting a little improvement into Audit

For decades the medical profession has worshipped at the alter of audit: embracing the method in everything from large national confidential enquiries, increasingly complex extensions to NICE guidance and a key competency for all doctors in training. In the last decade even our NHS Masters have got in on the act – mandating nurses to complete weekly and monthly audits (think Safety Cross) to ‘maintain’ standards in everything from infection control to waiting times.

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Human Factors Exchange

In 2014 the Quality Improvement Clinic Ltd was commissioned to work on the ‘Safe and Compassionate care Underpinned by Human Factors’ project in partnership with Health Education East Midlands. The project brief was to develop a model for a “centre of excellence” to host human factors expertise for the enhancement of patient safety, innovation and improvement education for learners in the East Midlands.

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