As the old saying goes – If you always do what you always did – you always get what you always got!

And so at the Quality Improvement Clinic we aim to support people to approach change in a different way than they might have before.

Using a mixture of face to face and online learning our learners apply science informed approaches to change. And by doing this they can say with certainty whether the great ideas they try to put into practice actually improve services and outcome for patients, families, staff and their organisation. And if they don’t, well, they know to STOP and try something else!

Best of all – we’ve flipped our teaching. And instead of waiting until we meet our learners face to face to teach them, we take our learning to them. This way they are able to bring their own learning with them when we first meet. In this way they engage with their own problems really quickly. They have so much more to share with their peers, conversations are richer, and their learning just continues to accelerate.


quality improvement clinic - wow we flipped it

So what sorts of things do they work on? Well if they are doing this for the first time, it will be something small that’s within their reach, not something attractive but totally unattainable. This way they make every minute count.

The kind of things they work on include: reducing the number of appointments in their clinic where the patient doesn’t attend, reducing the number of hours their patients spend hanging around waiting to see them for 5 minutes, preparing discharges for their patients that happen as planned, not taking bloods for tests that are not needed, creating the conditions for teenagers to be able to speak to someone in private, giving analgesia quickly to avoid prolonged pain, reducing falls on one ward, or supporting patients in their care to die in their place of choice, not losing patients own medicines whilst they are an inpatient, helping their colleagues learn from their curriculum.

For us this means finding ways of helping learners transfer their knowledge into meaningful practice as part of their day job. And how do we know if we’ve cracked it? Well – we measure things. We measure what our learners know when we first meet them, as we teach them and as they move on. We look for evidence that they are transferring their learning into doing. And we know we’ve cracked it when they bring what they’ve done with them and use it to learn more. We see them explaining and giving feedback, and we see them telling their story or learning and improving. Best of all, we see them learning about why their great idea hasn’t worked, taking time exploring why, and then deciding what to do next.

We can do this because, even though we know a lot about QI and learning already, we use QI ourselves to learn even more. We work with passionate practitioners and teachers, and we work with HT2 labs to get the most from digital technology to help our learners do and make QI part of their day job!